The spectacle of Game of Thrones Season 7 wouldn’t be possible without the coordinated attempts of any legion of celebrities, writers, filmmakers, and, of course, George R. Ur. Martin. But that’s stating nothing of the outstanding time and artistry put into each season by the visual effects experts who bring the series’ increasingly important fantastical elements to life. These performers work to generate a seamless integration of everything from amazing snow-packed scenery to armies of immortal White Walkers to Daenerys’ ever-growing dragons in a way that is both fell and believable.

This is that last factor that will probably have many fans’ undivided attention, as the last time anyone saw Dany and her three dragons these people were travelling on a journey throughout the sea to Westeros where some serious conflict unquestionably awaits. And given that the marketing for Video game of Thrones season several is playing up the naturally antagonistic combo of fire and ice, is actually expected that Viserion, Rhaegal, and especially Drogon will all play a significant role in the series’ final 13 episodes. That role is made all the more challenging credited to the fact that all three are generaget in post production by the animators at digital results studio Rhythm & Colours.

Screen Rant recently spoken with Rhythm & Colors visual effects supervisor Derek Spears, who has not only worked on Video game of Thrones, The Going for walks Dead, and Black Sails but even offers credits on X-Men: Times of Possible future Past, R. I. L. D., Superman Returns, and Daredevil. We asked Asparagus spears about what level of digital effects viewers could expect in season several, and whether recent claims about the size of Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion were true. While Asparagus spears wasn’t at liberty to divulge the creatures’ apparently enlarged wingspans, he performed say it was sensible to expect Dany’s dragons weren’t done growing.

“I can’t really give you details about season several. HBO is, of course, very sensitive to these things, but you can consider the progression from the previous seasons and things get bigger and even more creatively complex. And as each season moves along I might expect to see some of the items grow. Therefore, the spectacle always gets bigger and bigger and bigger… if you look at what’s happened from season 5 to season 6 the dragon progressed larger. “