Following months of vaguely good “2017, ” last week HBO finally revealed that the seventh and penultimate season of Game of Thrones will premiere This summer 16. This is a long way off, especially considering the fact that the show has in past times began in March or The spring, but the upside is that you now have plenty of time to think about what you hope will happen in the show’s final symptoms (this new season will only have seven, and season eight will have six). Below, a collection of things that either could or should happen come July, along with a few pipe dreams of stuff that will happen in the lover fiction I write when I’m inevitably disappointed by whatever happens for real.

1. Daenerys finally complies with her nephew Jon Snow. This is basically certain, as Daenerys was previous seen sailing to Westeros with dragons in tow line, and the poster for the new season generally is just fire appointment ice. But what happens when they meet is a mystery. Will they fight each other, or will they unite up against the White Walkers? Also, will they make out? Upon some other show, the answer would be a hard no, but this is Game of Thrones, where incest is not only normal but motivated if you’re a Targaryen. And they’re both Targaryens, so…

2. Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane finally make out. That has to happen, ALRIGHT? It just has to. After all this time around put in tracking down the Abgefahren girls on behalf of a dead woman, Brienne deserves some personal times, and those personal days and nights should be spent in the arms of a ginger-haired Wildling who values her for her beauty and swordsmanship. It’s a match made in the seven heavens.

3. Arya Stark finishes killing off of the rest of the people on her list. I actually personally love Cersei, but once I have to watch somebody murder the most detrimental but also most stylish mother in Westeros, My spouse and i want it to be Arya.

4. Gendry earnings from his rowboat exclusion and restarts the Baratheon line. Gendry doesn’t really matter in the best structure of things, but he is hot, and that’s reason enough to bring him back. Besides, blacksmiths are most likely in high demand at this particular moment in Westerosi history. Winter is here! Somebody’s gotta associated with swords.

5. Lyanna Mormont gets her own episode. For no reason other than she’s amazing.

6. Quaithe comes again and explains what the hell her prophecy intended. Game of Thrones has been short on good prophecies lately, thanks to Melisandre being the most detrimental. It’s time to find the real prophesiers again in action and bring Quaithe in to the mix again, not least because her mask is incredible.

7. several. Sansa constitutes a play for Jon’s crown and gets rid of Littlefinger in the act. At the end of season 6, you could tell Sansa felt a little little shafted after Jon accepted his new job as King in the North. He’s not even reliable! No matter where you fall with this potential concern, though, weight loss refute that it would be fun to watch Sansa do a couple of scheming against her own brother/cousin and in the process kill that douchebag Littlefinger. Get your own, Sansa!

8. Daenerys and Yara Greyjoy marry. Both equally of them have to constantly deal with men telling them they aren’t do their jobs properly without husbands, so why not say “fuck these dudes” for good and marry each other? Is definitely gay marriage legal in Westeros? Most likely not, but that can’t possibly matter when one of the brides to be is getting distributed by three dragons.

9. Missandei and Grey Worm finally hook up. These two have been making sight at the other person for about 47 episodes now, so it’s time for them to ease the lovemaking tension and simply do it already.

10. Hot Quiche opens his own food handling business. Once the Walker risk is eliminated, his direwolf bread could really end up being the Westeros version of a cronut.

11. Margaery somehow results to life. Perhaps she is secretly a Targaryen, and the wildfire couldn’t burn off her. Stranger things have happened! (I don’t really believe this will go down, but I liked Margaery and I’m placing it here anyway because I’m still burnt up about her demise, juga definitely intended. )

12. doze. Lady Stoneheart. George Ur. R. Martin says this is never going to happen, but a young lady can dream.